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When we reframe breakdowns in our cognitive postioning as spiritual awakenings, we can open our minds to learn and grow.

Recently during a clinical supervision session we discussed empathy, vulnerability, and human connection. My supervisor suggested I look up a TED Talk from Brene Brown about vulnerability and shame. It sounded painful, but I like to think I’m open minded to change and this sounded like an intellectual challenge — could I grow from the experience?

I warmed to Brene immediately. We see the world the same way; the world is both beautiful and messy, and that’s why it needs collecting, collating, organising, and communicating. This is how I spend my time on this earth. …


Adam Colthorpe

Publisher of Copse Magazine. Owner of Sailfin. Director of Comms. Mentor. Makes websites/copywrites for other people, & parents two kids in South East UK

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