Interesting things I stumbled across this week.

Photo by Gary Bendig

Why is it that no-one is reading your essays? Don’t panic as no-one is reading very much of most things published. Only 15% of books published on Amazon seem to get any audience at all!

Did you know 15% of books on Amazon…

This is a great life lesson to take into many aspects of our lives - whether it's looking at environmental responsibility, gardening, or our own mental health and mental/physical energy reserves.

We often push ourselves too hard, focusing on the short-term needs over the long-term, much in the way that the children eat the marshmallows ( We are not very good at delayed gratification.

Equally, we are not very good at preserving our energy. We work fast and hard because the deadline is looming and the work needs to be done - and yet it then takes us three days to recover.

Remember to preserve the harvest.

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