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When we reframe breakdowns in our cognitive postioning as spiritual awakenings, we can open our minds to learn and grow.

Recently during a clinical supervision session we discussed empathy, vulnerability, and human connection. My supervisor suggested I look up a TED Talk from Brene Brown about vulnerability and shame. It sounded painful, but I like to think I’m open minded to change and this sounded like an intellectual challenge — could I grow from the experience?

I warmed to Brene immediately. We see the world the same way; the world is both beautiful and messy, and that’s why it needs…

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I asked the Oracle (I typed into Google) “How to find purpose in your life” and sighed deeply.

I know how to find purpose, I know what my personal mission statement is — I’ve been through this exercise many times before but for some reason, on a grey rainy day when the stresses of the world seem to bit that little bit deeper — I needed a little reminder.

I know I’m prone to these occasional bouts of self-reflection; of investing/wasting time on trying to refocus so I know now to set the Pomodoro timer and give myself both the time to reflect but also the boundary to stop

How to work faster is not always the best question — how to be more productive is usually a better ask, but in going along with the most prevalent line of questioning, let us assume that you have productivity nailed and are now looking to improve your focus and work faster.

Back at the start of the year, we published an article on Medium about how to focus, looking at meditation as a route to achieving a higher state of focus and how reducing the noise in our lives helps us to concentrate on a single task in front of…

Outdoor Counselling — Photo by Toomas Tartes

Outdoor Counselling offers an opportunity for engagement between a therapist and a client away from the often clinical space of a counselling room that can sometimes feel too intimate or too threatening to a lot of people who would benefit from counselling the most.

Counselling is an important and often under-appreciated aid to our lives that can bring acceptance, understanding, and light to a person’s life through self-exploration and therapeutic tools.

People seem to fall into two polarised camps when it comes to counselling, be it indoors or outdoor, leaving us with a group of people who see and understand…

Working with a mental health charity in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t make me an expert on mental health — but it does provide me with a platform to report what I’ve seen and to try and prepare for the COVID-19 mental health crisis to come.

The pandemic has been traumatic for everyone, especially those directly affected by death whether through family or because you are a health professional. But some traumas take months or years to surface, and some are re-emerging after months or years of treatment or suppression.

The media is full of comment and opinion…

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If you are managing staff or volunteers then it’s important to carry out one-to-one meetings with them on a regular basis to check how they are, how their work is going, what further support or training they may need, and most importantly to ask the right questions: how can you, as their manager, help them?

One-to-one questions often vary by the manager, by the organisation, and can be specific to your organisation and the way it works. One thing is clear though is that an organisation that invests in its people — is best equipped to help others. …

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Community Innovation comes from necessity. Creating community is big on our minds at the moment — Community is what’s needed to support the vulnerable, community is what’s needed to pull us all together while staying apart. Community ideas are flying around and funders are frantically trying to filter the effective from the less so.

At times like this, it can be useful to look outside of our immediate bubbles. Sometimes inspiration comes from unlikely sources.

Sometimes there’s a person who appears at key points in your life; a mentor, a conscience, or a leadership figure — maybe a person who…

Social distancing has created social togetherness in ways that we all expected along with weird and wonderful moments that none of us could have predicted. We will look back upon these shared experiences in the Coronavirus Pandemic with mixed emotions of nostalgia, anger, warmth, anxiety, and pride.

COVID-19 has brought us together in mysterious ways — none of us foresaw a shared experience involving Tigers, Meth, and Murder.

I’m a great believer in society, community, in people pulling together for good of the collective population — democratic socialist ideals in a capitalist world, and if there was ever a time…

I’m still amazed at how many times I listen all the way through a professional presentation and still have no idea what the person or organisation actually does.

So in conclusion I… er… we… erm… …thankyouforyourtimeandlisteningtometoday. Phew. Glad that’s over.

I’m always fascinated by great conferences: the opportunity to learn from the best minds in the industry and your peers; both are of utmost value.

I also used to work for a media company with a conference production division. The SportBusiness team I worked with put on an annual global b2b conference bringing together the top minds across broadcast, sponsorship, stadia design and operation, technology, and Major Events. …

Busy by Mauro mora

I’m sorry I talk so fast — it’s the ADHD.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t correctly listening — it’s the ADHD.

Yes I know I lost focus for a second there — sorry, it’s my ADHD.

Sorry, I got distracted by something shiny — it’s the ADHD.

Yes, I will look into that right awa… SQUIRREL!

At what point does a reason become an excuse? When does an explanation become perceived as hiding behind a diagnosis?

And more to the point, when can we start focusing on the positives?

The Factual Bit, Skip to the next heading if you want

ADHD or ADD (as it sometimes used to be known prior to…

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